L`Oreal amp Rimmel Haul

4 years ago

Over the weekend I did some some hauling. These were the items I picked up on one of my stops. It is mostly L`Oreal products, but there is one Rimmel product thrown in, too. Everything fits into the category of lips and eyeshadow, though.

Let`s start with the lips. I have become obsessed with the L`oreal Infallible lipsticks... in quite an unhealthy way, lol! I had picked up my first one weeks and weeks ago and fell head over heels in love with it. It wore very nicely, faded evenly, didn`t dry out my lips.. It was just all around amazing. That got me hooked so since then I have been picking up more and more. The color on the left is Forever Frappe. This is a good nude color. The second one is Perpetual Peach, which I have been looking for for a couple of weeks now. Every store I`d stop at, this one was tampered with. It would be swatched, squished, scratched up like someone bit into it (I don`t know.. I`m just as confused as you are by this thought), etc. I could NEVER find a new, clean, untampered with tube. I finally found one! I was nearly ready to give up looking for Perpetual Peach. It seems to be one of their most popular colors, thus everyone "tests" it in the store and puts it back. The last lipstick I bought is a Rimmel one. It is in the color Crush. I am in love with this color as it brightens my face and really warms up the look I typically wear (golden neutrals). Once I got out to my car I put this one on right away it is is BEAUTIFUL! I can already say I highly recommend it. It does have some fragrance to it, though, so keep that in mine if you are sensitive to smells in your lip products.

Onto the eyes. I finally decided to pick up some of the new summer release L`Oreal Infallible shadows. I got Gold Imperial and Pink Sapphire. I know I have a zillion and three golden shadows but I love these so much that if there is a color I feel I`ll wear with any consistency, then it will eventually find its way home to me. While I don`t wear pinky colors on my eyes too often I`ve heard so many good reviews on Pink Sapphire and how it is perfect for subdued summer looks that I had to get it to try myself. I`m glad I did (tip: make sure you open the lid and check that there is a little plug/stopper in there. I have come across several that did not have them in there, so make sure you look before you buy).

So, that is it for my L`Oreal and one Rimmel cosmetic haul! let me know if you have tried any of these and what your thoughts are on them.


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