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4 years ago

Hi everyone!
Today I saw "The Lorax" movie that is an animated movie based on a book written from Dr. Seuss. It has voices from the actors: Zac Efron, Danny deVito, Betty White and also from the singer Taylor Swift.
Ted is a young boy that lives in the city of "Thneedville", a city that is very artificial, they have no trees, grass or even clean oxygen. They have to buy the oxygen from the O`Hare company. When Ted finds out that the dream of the girl he is in love with, is to see a real tree, he decides to do everything to get a real tree. His grandmother says that he needs to visit a man that lives outside of the city, the Once-Ler, and he will give him a tree. Despite of the efforts of the owner of the oxygen factory (that is also the mayor of the city), Ted gets out of the city every single day so the Once-Ler can tell him his story. He finds out that a few years before, in that same city, they were a lot of animals, trees and rivers but the trees were all destroyed by the Once-Ler, who made a fashion accessory from the leaves of the trees that had such a success that he destroyed all of the trees. Without the trees, all the nature life was gone and so did the good oxygen. After many visits the Once-Ler gives him a seed of a tree and Ted plants it in the middle of the city. A few weeks later, the grass grows, a lot of trees are growing as well and the animals return to "Thneedsville".
This movie was fun, nothing too special, but fun, though I understand this is movie destinated for kids. I give it a 3 out of 10 (3/10).

Have you seen this movie?

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