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Hey everyone! These fruits here are called loquats. These are from my own loquat tree in my garden. My tree is almost 7 years old. And this is the first cluster ever from this tree. Hopefull next year I`m gonna get more than one cluster. I planted this from a seed that I got from my parents so you know how long it took before I had some fruits of my efforts. Anyways, this fruit is really hard to find is grocery stores, asian or american. I`ve only seen these sold at asian grocery stores once and that was like 12 years ago. Now, you probably will only see it being sold by street vendors, little old ladies or men. These fruits are really sweet and you can eat it with the skin on or off. I like to peel the skin off mine. Just to let you know, these loquats have at least 2 or more seeds in one fruit. But I just love how they taste. How many of you have tried loquats before?
Oh forgot to mention, just remembered that the leaves and the seeds of the loquats are slightly poisonous. But the leaves are used in medicines to soothe sore throats and coughs.

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