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4 years ago

You May Be Wondering what are some steps that you can take to help you loose weight or stay in shape. What is good for you, what is not. Well, I`ve Got The Answer. Loosing weight not only has to do with staying Active, working out, and Exercising. Loosing Weight and staying in shape also depends on the amount and types of foods that we take into our bodies. you want to know what foods are good for you when your in the process of loosing weight, or staying in shape? fine. i`ll tell you. Fish. yupp! Fish. Fish is very healthy and very good for your body. Fish contains a great amount of protein, good oils, OMEGA, and low cholesterol. But, How you cook your fish also makes a big difference as well. When you are frying fish to eat, that is not a healthy diet. that is a unhealthy intake in the process of loosing weight. The right thing to do is Bake Your fish, but of course season your fish up with some wonderful delicious tasteful seasonings, then bake it, and it is magnificent. And that also goes for other meats like Chicken, which also has protein, but the more healthier part of chicken meat is chicken breast. when cooking the chicken season it up first, remember not to fry it, but you can either bake it, or rotisserie because thats burning and decreasing most of the unhealthy fat that is on the meat. and even turkey.
Other Helpful Keys that you can not forget when loosing weight is, Drinking lots and lots of water. Water nourishes the system, and when exercising , water also helps to burn more fat at the same time. also being on time with your meals through out the day and never eating late after 6:00 PM. And it is also important to take in some type of wheat food to help and support your body with fiber. Follow These Steps and you wont Go Wrong. Peace, and Love ! :>

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