Looper Movie Review

4 years ago

This movie has been out for months and after numerous recommendations from friends and superiors, I finally had time to sit down and watch it! Given all the praises, I had extremely high expectations for this movie. So, let`s begin...

"Looper" stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt (what a hottie), Bruce Willis, and Emily Blunt. It takes place in the future in a world where America seems to have fallen into economic crisis. Doesn`t sound too different from where we are headed, huh? Anyway, "loopers" are basically paid assassins. Criminals in the future will send people back to the present time to be killed and disposed of.

The first thing I couldn`t help noticing was what happened to Joseph Gordon-Levitt`s gorgeous face?! I feel as if this little detail captivated my attention more than it should have. I spent the entire time trying to figure out what it was that was done to make him look more like Bruce Willis. It was extremely hard to make out that this was the same actor I was used to seeing on the big screen!

Okay, I guess that was my biggest peeve with the movie. I won`t give away any spoilers, but I thought the movie was well-done. Granted, any kind of "time travelling" movie will always be difficult to work with considering all the little holes and loops that occur due to said time travel, so they did a decent job. I`m not gonna say it`s perfect because there will always be people out there saying this kind of time travel leaves so many plot holes, and yes, I may be one of those people, but I digress.

I recommend it. I thought it was well done and although it is hard to be original in this day, I do think the plot was well thought out. I`m sure there are a million other movies or books that depict this same plot, but oh well.

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