Looper Movie Review!

4 years ago

I watched this movie a while ago but I`ve never written a review on it so here it is. I`ve heard about this movie because I think I was watching another movie and the trailer for this came on. I like the theory of time travel so the movie really drew me in. I decided to watch it with my boyfriend when our local theater had this movie on for $6.

So basically Looper is a movie with Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis is supposed to be the future version of Joseph Gordon Levitt. His job is to be a looper who are basically assassins for these criminal organizations who are in the future and want to send who they want killed in the past because time travel is highly outlawed in the future. These loopers also have a time limit on how long they live. I don`t want to ruin the movie but there were multiple stories in this movie in a way.

I know it sounds confusing but I really liked it. There were some parts in the movie where I`m like what happened? But in the end I got the entire movie and the ending was just really breathtaking and shocking. I highly recommend watching this movie if you like action movies and sci fi movies that involve time travel.

Have you ever watched this movie? Are you a fan of Joseph Gordon Levitt or Bruce Willis?

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