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4 years ago

Hi everyone!
Today I saw the action/science fiction movie Looper. It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, Piper Perabo and Pierce Gagnon.
In 2044 theres a lot of organized crime and 10% of the population has a mutation that gives them telekinetic powers. 30 after, in 2074, time travel is invented but its illegal. So, in 2074, being almost impossible to dispose of dead bodies, the organized crime uses time travel to transport their target to 2044 where there are loopers that will kill them. They appear in a determined place and time, back in 2044, with a bag on their head so the loopers cant see them. When the organized crime bosses want to end a contract with a looper, they transport the future looper of 2074 to 2044 so that the looper kills his future self, not knowing who the person really is.
Joe is a looper and a drug addicted and hes sent another victim, Joes future self that somehow manages to escape so that he can find the Rainmaker a genius whos taken control of all the organized crime in 2074 and is now killing all the loopers. Future Joe plans to kill the Rainmaker while hes still just a kid and he only knows two things: the Rainmakers date of birth and the hospital where he was born.
I know this preview of mine is confusing but so is the movie, especially the end that really got me thinking lol
I liked this movie and I give it a 7,5 out of 10 (7,5/10).
- Have you seen Looper?

- Picture is not mine, taken from the link below

Source link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Looper_(film)

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