Looks Like We Have Some Twins in the Family!

4 years ago

Hey everyone!
I was going through my polish collection today, sorting and looking at colors that were similar to each other. Well, I remembered that when I had received my <strong>Quo by Orly Holiday Set</strong>, I had seen two polishes that looked really familiar...

I now know why. They were EXACT dupes for 2 Orly polishes I have. Now, I only own 2 Orly polishes! So this led me to believe that it <em>is</em> possible that my entire Quo by Orly set has Orly dupes. After all, they are by the same brand! Quo by Orly is only available in Canada though; not here in the US.

Anyway, the Quo by Orly polish that I found to match my Orly <strong>Rock Solid</strong> polish is named <strong>Cold Stone</strong>.

My Orly polish, <strong>Hayley`s Comet</strong> is duped by Quo by Orlys polish <strong>Turquoise Moonlight</strong>.

Okay, even the names of the dupes relate to each other! So from now on, when I swatch my Quo by Orly polishes I will be sure to have a section to say what the Orly dupe is, so if you do like the color but live in the US, you will be able to get something completely identical to it :)

I`ve done some research and I think I`ve found almost all of the identical Orly dupes to the set!

Do you own any polishes that are completely identical?

*Pictures are mine, don`t steal!

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