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5 years ago

Omgpop is a site I found a while ago. It`s a really fun gaming site that allows you to interact with people from all over the world. When you sign up you can update a profile with pictures and share other social networking sites.
The site has so many games so I`m going to name the ones I play most instead of naming them all:
Balloono - in this game you are a monkey who fights through a maze type field to attack others with balloons! it`s very addicting
Swapples - this game is, i think, like the game Bejewelled.
Aim for the Nuts - if you have played a game called "Bloons" on facebook before then you`ll know what this is. In this version you are a squirrel who fires an acorn at piles of nuts or fruit.
Dinglepop - you fire coloured balls to match up with others to avoid your playing screen from reaching the bottom.
Blockles - this game is like tetris. You fill in rows to clear your screen, you also get powerups in this game!
Draw My Thing - this game is like pictionary! It`s really fun to see how others draws things, hehe.

If these games don`t seem like they would amuse you there are many others that you can play on this site. You should definitely go check them out! The site is completely free and signing up is super easy. Check out the sourcelink to go to the site if you`re interested!

Do you think you`ll check this site out? :)
*photo is mine

Source link: http://www.omgpop.com

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