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4 years ago

hey guys, if your like me than you like getting a good deal when buying clothes. so here`s a tip that might work for for you. Instead of going to the mall all the time (because it gets pretty expensive), sometimes i go to small shops, honestly most of the shops are usually run down and usually on the bad side of town, and its like that in a lot of other cities ive been too. some places will have really cheap quality clothes and the clothes are not even cute clothes,but some shops have mostly clothes from stores like forever 21, H&M and other stores like that, today i went to a shop it was very small,not very nice looking, but i got two shirts from forever 21 one was a button up shirt originally $15 i got it for $2 , the other was a collard sleeveless button up originally $19 i got that one for $2 also , i also got two pairs of shorts originally from forever 21 one was cream colored covered in lace and the other was a pair of high waisted short they were both originally around $25 each and i paid 5 dollars for each pair, because when those stores get new clothes they give the ones they didnt sell to small shops like that. It really depends on where you live, they may not have stores like that in your area, you just have to know where to look. i hope this helps.
good luck
-ali <3

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