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2 years ago

Animal print fabrics can sometimes be tricky... They can easily end up looking tacky and downright cheesy if done wrong. OR... they can end up looking too sexy/hooker-ish. And that`s NOT ever a good thing in a professional environment. But, wearing animal print to work IS possible! The key is to keep is classy and simple :)

If you`re going for an animal print, the rest of your outfit should be solid and simple to counter the busy pattern of the print. I paired my leopard print blazer with a solid black dress to keep my look clean and not overbearing. Had my dress also had a pattern to it, it would`ve been an eyesore.

Make sure it fits! Especially with a pattern, making sure the fit is correct is crucial to a good silhouette. Before purchasing my leopard print blazer, I tried it on to make sure the lines hit me in the right places. If a jacket or other top - make sure the shoulders hit you actually on the shoulder, not below it (otherwise it looks bulky!). If a skirt or dress (or other bottom), make sure the pattern is cut well and looks clean (meaning, you haven`t just decided to wear a zebra or tiger on your butt). Animal print should look purposeful, not `just because,` and making sure it fits correctly is a good way to do that!

Keep accessories minimal. Animal print is one of those things that shouldn`t be overwhelmed by something else in your outfit - particularly if it`s a focal point. Similar to how I kept my dress simple and solid, I kept my jewelry simple and solid, too. I wore gold necklace that wasn`t too long and didn`t distract from the rest of my outfit.

They key to always pulling off animal print professionally is keeping it basic and simple. Together, my solid black dress, gold necklace, and animal print blazer balance out each other well. They work together color-wise and balance each other pattern-wise. Don`t be afraid of animal print! Just know how to embrace it correctly and lovingly and then it can definitely be worn in a professional environment at work! :)

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