Look cute, BUT....

5 years ago

This looks cute right?
I was looking for a gentle exfolicating products that can remove blackheads, dirt and sebum of pores. I brought this(Rosette Hello Kitty Apple Gommage) at Sasa at a very cheap price, around US$6...But,I really can never tell if its doing much for me because I can`t tell any difference after using it.

So, how to use it?
Wash your face and dry it.
Dispense an appropriate amount (muscat-sized) to gently apply to the whole face.
Massage it for about 1 minute.
(It claims "dead skin" will come off)
Rinse it off with water

1.The packaging is really cute

2.With lovely apple scent


1.Are those really my dead skin cells? Hmmm... I actually don`t think that those are my dead skin cells. It feels like that its the product itself.

2. It does not really do much to my skin.I think it does not live up to its claim to remove blackheads or dead skins.

3. Sometimes, My skin feels kinda dry and tight after using this:(

**photos by me**

Help: Please recommend me a nice peeling gel, thanks :)

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