Loofah For Your Face

4 years ago

You guys are probably mor familiar seeing the loofah in the bottom half of the picture. That loofah is for your body. We all know what a loofah does, and if you don`t, it`s suppose to help you remove dead skin from your body and clean your body so it is nice and clean and soft. I recently discovered the loofah on top which is for your face.

Basically the little one is a circle cut out of the big one. Their really cheap, a few bucks will get you a pack of 4 at Ulta. And it`s fun watching it expand in water. I think this thing is awesome because it really helps give my face a deep clean feeling. I have the rubber silicon scrubs for your face and those are pretty awesome too, but this loofah just gives a deeper clean feeling. If you want those bumps in your nose gone, during a hot shower, apply your regular face wash and scrub with this thing and your nose will be so smooth. Now I don`t recommend using this envy day because it can be pretty harsh for the skin on your face. I would suggest using it once a week or every other two days.

Have any of you guys tried this kinda of face loofah before?

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