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5 years ago

So I`m not too sure how popular these bags are in other regions, but Longchamp bags have been quite popular in Toronto for the past little while as well as when I went to school in London, Ontario. These Longchamp Le Pliage bags comes in a variety of colours and are very roomy and convenient to carry around. I only like carrying around large tote bags so this bag is perfect for me. I bought my Navy Large Le Pliage bag a few months ago and the one on the left is my sister`s in Black. They are both in size Large, however, mine is the `new` Large, and my sister`s is the old Large.
Recently, Longchamp decided to change the dimensions slightly for the large size. As you can see, the new large is about an inch smaller in height and the straps are also an inch shorter. The inside pocket is also a lot smaller as well if you can see, there is an outline of the pocket just under the flap.
Some people hate the fact that they made the large smaller, but I don`t mind. I love the size of mine because I can still fit a lot of things in it. The bag is also water resistant so it`s good for protecting your stuff from the rain. My sister loves the size of hers as well because she is still in school and it`s perfect for carrying around her books.
The only thing I would change about this bag if i could is I wished they had more inside pockets or at least a zipper for the pocket because it`s so hard to keep all of the little trinkets you keep in your bag in one place.

Other than that, I absolutely LOVE this bag and I carry it around almost every day because it`s so versatile and can be worn with almost any outfit.

Oh one more thing, for some reason, my sister bought hers for a little over $200 including tax, and mine came to about $175 including tax even though they are both called the "large". I don`t believe they carry the old large anymore although you may still be able to find them in stores who still have stock of it until they run out. So I guess it`s a good thing that they made it a bit smaller because it`s slightly cheaper now, at least where we got it, it was. Still very pricey for a plain bag, but trust me, you will use it all the time!

Currently, I know of only 2 places that carry it in Toronto - Andrew`s and Betty Hemmings. Check them out if you haven`t already!

Do any of you own this bag? What do you think? and what colour do you have?! I`ve checked out their spring colours and they have some really cute ones!

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