LOL the new shampoo and conditioner!

4 years ago

LOL i`d like to edit to add that this was a mistake by my mom. i had just given my dog a bath and his shampoo was in the tub and she grabbed it thinking it was the shampoo i used. i don`t use dog shampoo and am not trying to start a new thing >< but i have tried his all natural shampoo that is coconut oil based and as a review ,it stripped my hair. yes humans use mane and tail or something like that (: because it is supposed to make hair soft, they also make lotion!


hahaha i hope everyone knows you shouldn`t use human shampoo on dogs (with the exception of head and shoulders i believe) but is it okay to use dog shampoo on humans?
this particular shampoo is formulated for anti dander and has coal tar in it. while i don`t know whether this is okay for regular human use, i do use my dog`s coconut oil based, all natural shampoo every once in awhile (when i`m out of matrix total results: sleek). i think it`s perfectly fine to use once in awhile though it does leave my hair more stripped of oils.

my mom called me from work later that day freaking out about how it stunk, wouldnt lather, and was concerned for her hair. she`s fine.

picture is my own (: please don`t use

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