Logitech Wireless Combo MK320

5 years ago

Recently, the keyboard on my laptop gave me some trouble. One day, it was working perfectly fine and the next day when I turn it on, I freaked out a bit because I noticed that some keys on the laptop was not working at all. I think I had a panic attack for a few minutes (haha) because I couldn`t even log into my laptop since the password I had contained one of the keys that were not functioning. A friend of mine then told me that I could use the virtual keyboard, which I used to help me log in. I did a system restore but that still did not fix the problem and so I dealt on with it for about a week, but it was getting so annoying. I had to use the virtual keyboard every time I had to type one of the keys that were not functioning. This included: #2, #4, #0, r, y, u. I even tried taking out all of the keys and cleaning the dust and debris that were trapped under, but that didn`t fix anything.

So, I decided just to purchase a wireless keyboard to use with my laptop since I couldn`t take it anymore >.<

I went on Amazon and found the <strong>Logitech Wireless Combo MK320</strong> retailing for $29.66 - which wasn`t a bad deal at all. It came with the wireless keyboard, and a wireless mouse with the USB receiver. Shipping was free with Amazon and I had $11.88 in Amazon credit, so after tax, I only ended up paying $20.08 :D

I had no problem installing the drive at all. You just take the USB that is attached to the wireless mouse, and plug it into your laptop as the receiver. The wireless keyboard and mouse both runs on batteries, but once the USB drive is installed, everything runs perfectly fine! At the moment, I just have the wireless keyboard placed on top of my laptop keyboard and I`m not at all bothered by the set up.

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