Logiix Blue Piston In-Ear Headphone Review

2 years ago

My old pair of earbuds broke on me, the casing of the buds popped off for both buds. Earbud shopping time lead me to the Logiix Blue Pixtons, they are in-ear headphones that came with 3 different sized ear tips along with a small square carrying case. These Pistons were on sale for ~$21.00, I couldnt remember what they were at regular price. I brought these mainly because I wanted bassy music, it had the largest driver in the store at that moment, 11.5mm. most earbuds ran on a 9mm driver with the next largest driver to be 11mm from Skull Candy.

These Pistons had a mic & volume control, but they didnt work on my android devicemaybe because I didnt have a mainstream device so it wasnt compatible (I even have incompatible apps that dont run on my device ie: instagram). I liked the flat cords; it prevented me from having to deal with messy detangling when I dont have the hands for it on the bus. I thought these earbuds sounded better being used indoors then being used for running errands outdoors - which could be attributed to the fit. When indoors, the sound was great, punchy bass, you can hear the highs, lows, and instruments clearly. Let me digress to the fit of these, when I first put these Pistons on, I had some trouble with the fit. The largest sized tips kept popping out, the medium sized tips kept sliding out, but the smallest sized tips were a bit difficult to slide into place on the earbuds and stayed in my ear vary well; however, these small tips gave me problems when I was outside (do ears shrink and expand with temperature changes?) I could hear these earbuds bounce around in my ear canal. Along with the bouncing earbuds, you could hear the bass but no so much the vocals nor the instrumentals unless the volume was increased I already have bad hearing, volume increases would be the death of my ears.

I do recommend these if you plan to use them indoors. However, you will need a snug fit for outdoor use

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