Locks Californian

The Californian locks consist of a type of hair coloring, inspired by the visual of California surfers, tipped quite lighter than the root. Thus, this method rinsing the hair, the root is intact and free from aggression, of which the ends are the only part of the hair which is decolorized, so as to illuminate, mimicking the effect caused by sunlight.
The Californian locks can be made in all colors of hair and skin, it is necessary to know to choose the tone and adapt it to the characteristics of each. In most cases, combine with light hair tresses even more clear, the next gold or platinum. On the other hand, dark hair should remain with coppery locks, honey, chocolate or caramel.

Unlike conventional locks, which require regular maintenance of the root, the Californian strands that do not require careful, since the root is intentionally darker than the remaining hair.

The price of Californian locks will depend on several factors, such as where they are made and the length of the hair. Still, the minimum price of the service are located in the 60 and can reach 150.

Source link: http://www.feminina.pt/madeixas-californianas/

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