Lock your ICE CREAM w a Combination Lock

Did you know there is such thing as a
combination lock for your Ice Cream? Yes, you heard right -- Ben & Jerry`s Pint Ice Creams can also have a combination lock from.. stopping your roommates, siblings or whoever from eating your Ice Cream! The lock is put over the pint ice cream and prevents from the lid from being remove equals YOU CAN`T EAT ICE CREAM no matter how you crave for it UNLESS you cut the bottom of the ice cream, lol. But if you forget the combination lock then you`re screwed. Well, not really you can also cut off the bottom of the ice cream.
Do you find this useful? Would you buy a lock to lock your ice cream up? I think it`s pretty funny, I`d actually consider getting this gift for an Ice Cream lover for fun.. Where can you purchase this Ben & Jerry`s Pint Lock? It`s available at the website for $6.64 http://commerce.workflowoneaccess.com/UI/Customer.aspx?p=productview&catid=DzkbLq8e9IzjOOCegacbUhgh8BLPgXAiiJ9xyrx4d7KeCy-plodYpFA-e-e&catinteropID=01-07037672-Misc&productID=3ex0YWx-pXrplEJ-sB4nkue-pmS2SvFeyxV0-p5xMsZ4Hrgg3ksNchw7rQ-e-e&ProductInteropID=01-07034448-BJ025018&CEI=d19dca46-bcc8-456f-bdd2-bb0ee81a1b7d. Photo 1: http://www.incrediblethings.com/food/ben-jerrys-pint-combination-lock/ Photo 2: http://commerce.workflowoneaccess.com/UI/Customer.aspx?p=productview&catid=DzkbLq8e9IzjOOCegacbUhgh8BLPgXAiiJ9xyrx4d7KeCy-plodYpFA-e-e&catinteropID=01-07037672-MiscuctID=3ex0YWx-pXrplEJ-sB4nkue-pmS2SvFeyxV0-p5xMsZ4Hrgg3ksNchw7rQ-e-eInteropID=01-07034448-BJ025018&CEI=d19dca46-bcc8-456f-bdd2-bb0ee81a1b7d design

Source link: http://www.incrediblethings.com/food/ben-jerrys-pint-combination-lock/

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