Lizzie`s June Favorites

4 years ago

Hello Ladies! Since it is the end of the month, I just thought I would share some of my favorite beauty products that I`ve been constantly reaching for!

1. <strong>Bath & Body Works "Pink Chiffon" Body Spray and Lotion</strong>: I <em>adore</em> this scent! The bottles describe it as a "blend of sparkling red pear, vanilla orchid and whipped chiffon musk!" It kind of reminds me of strawberries and champagne :) I have to say, the lotion isn`t the most moisturizing lotion I`ve used, but paired with the body spray, these two bad boys keep the scent lasting all day! I`ve also gotten <em>tons</em> of compliments at work whenever I where this scent! I got these for a great deal also, so that makes them even more appealing to me!

2. <strong>Tone Tahitian Vanilla Orchid Body Wash</strong>: This is the first time that I`ve tried Tone body wash and I have to say I`m <em>very</em> impressed! The scent of this wash is light and sophisticated and lasts even after I towel off after my shower! It is also <em>really</em> moisturizing! I like that this is a relatively inexpensive product that you can find at your local drugstore too!

3. <strong>Skintimate Flirty Mango Shaving Cream</strong>: Are you guys seeing a pattern here? I <em>love</em> things that smell good, and this smells <em>amazing!</em> Sometimes before I need to change my razor I get horrible shaving bumps, but this cream prevents them from occurring. It has a nice, rich lather and a little bit goes a long way; I`ve been using this can for about 3 months! I find that this brand goes on sale for really cheap at CVS too, so keep your eyes open!

4. <strong>Big Honkin` Bottle of Sunscreen from Target</strong>: I know some people are opposed to buying store brand products, but in my opinion they work just as well as the name brands. This sunscreen is no exception! I love taking long runs outside and before I go, I always slather up with this. It`s SPF 50, offers great protection, and has a lot of product at a fraction of the price of other brands. Really, I think sunscreen can be pretty expensive sometimes, don`t you?

5. <strong>Palmer`s Cocoa Butter Stick</strong>: We had originally bought this to fade my brother`s scars, but my mom and I have been using it too! I really like using it on my cuticles and it keeps them moisturized and prevents them from peeling, which is usually a problem for me. Plus it smells like chocolate!

6. <strong>Wet `n` Wild`s "Think Pink" Lipstick</strong>: I think this is one of my <em>favorite</em> lipsticks! It is a matte, baby pink that looks great with a summer glow! I really don`t like wearing a lot of make up during the summer, so I just put on some mascara, bronzer and this lipstick. It stands out, but is definitely a wearable color!

7. <strong>C.O. Bigelow`s Lemon Pomegranate Lip Cream</strong>: I wear this over "Think Pink" because it makes my lips a tad bit dry since it is a matte lipstick. This lip cream has a light fruity scent and is definitely creamy rather than sticky like most lipglosses. In fact, it doesn`t really have that much of a glossy shine at all, so it kind of keeps the integrity of the matte lipstick. It also tastes <em>great!</em>

8. <strong>"Sand and Stilletos" by Funky Fingers</strong>: This is the perfect glitter polish for anytime of the year! It is a beautiful iridescent silvery purple and is <em>incredibly</em> shiny with a multitude of reflective glitters! I get <em>a bunch</em> of compliments on this polish and it was really cheap. Bonus!

9. <strong>"Papaya" by Fresh Paint</strong>: I`ve posted this polish before and everyone seemed to love it. Well, I love it too, and that`s why I`m putting it in my June Favorites! It is a lovely coral-y, salmon color. Coral and mint are colors that I`m obsessed with at the moment, so I`m glad I found this polish!

10. <strong>Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes</strong>: While I`m not really impressed with these wipes as "cleansers" or any sort preventative acne treatment, I do love them as makeup removers! Just a few swipes and all my waterproof makeup comes right off!

11. <strong>Nail Buffer</strong>: To be honest, I don`t know what company manufactured this particular nail buffer, but I do know that I bought it at CVS. I just recently started buffing and smoothing my nails before applying polish and it really does make a world of difference!

Sorry this was so long! :P
Hope you girls enjoyed my June Favorites!

Photos are my own.

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