Living Room Painting

5 years ago

I have this painting for a while now but i have never thought of posting it here on LUUUX but since i like it so much i thought i would post it now.
My mom was actually the one who got this painting a while back when a street artist pass by her work and was showing his paintings to people who work there and my mom like this one and bought it. If i remember correctly she got it for close to 30 and even though im not informed about the price of paintings, i think it was a good price.
I really like the image and the colors but im pretty sure i have seen this image somewhere and this is a copy of that, so im thinking that if it is indeed a image from a famous painting, someone here might know.
Even if its a copy/fake from a famous one, i don`t mind because i really like it and i think it looks great.

<strong>What do you think of this painting? Do you know the image on it?
Do you have any paintings in your house?</strong>

(picture is mine)

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