Live, Laugh amp Love!!!

4 years ago

Every day I hear somebody say "<em>I want everything to be perfect.<em>" We want the perfect marriage, house, job, car and looks.
Whatever happened to doing the best you can and being grateful for what you have, even though it might not be perfect? Why do we let that word rule our lives? We all chase it, but perfect does not exist. Let`s just all try to be happy with what we are and what we have. Even on a bad day, it helps to remember all the things you have to be thankful for.
This is why I believe that Thanksgiving should be a worldwide holiday.

Remember; LIVE your life the way it is. LAUGH away the things that don`t matter. LOVE all the beautiful people you have in your life and APPRECIATE the little things we take for granted every single day! Because if you don`t now, one day you will wake up and realise how much time you wasted in your life being miserable about the things you don`t have and not realising all that you do! And ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS say <em>thank you<em>

What are you grateful for in your lives?

Mel xo

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