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4 years ago

Sorry for not being able to be active on Luuux as much as I would like too so now I will be spamming you with all the blog posts that I never had time to post up. Don`t worry though these are all recent and occurred around the month of March! School has been flying by so quickly, and I definitely can`t wait for Summer to begin so I can have more time to blog and be more active! Now let`s move on into the blog posts!

If you haven`t seen about these before, they are just two soft cookies and vinilla ice-cream stuck in the between the cookies! Basically this ice-cream is similar to an ice-cream sandwhich just without the soft chocolate breads that is normally used. I haven`t had this in a long time as well! After my first ice-cream crave I just had to try more ice-creams that I haven`t gotten time for to eat! My school has a little local ice-cream truck that comes and pass by often to sell ice-creams, chips, soda, etc. so I thought this was the perfect time to try more of my past ice-creams! I really love that the cookies from this ice-cream sandwhich is really soft and doesn`t taste too overpowering that it would be a sweet mess with the Vinilla ice-cream. The vinilla likewise is not to sweet either, but not particularly bland. I think the little chocolate chips is what sweetens up the ice-cream and gives this ice-cream a slight crunch as well. I just wished there was only 60% of the chocolate chips, since there seems to be so many in the ice-cream! I think Blue Bunny is known for making their ice-creams delicious as well as healthy so that is another bonus perk! Overall, I really enjoyed eatting this ice-cream cookie and can`t wait to try out many more ice-creams as well! :)

<Strong> Have you tried this ice-cream before? What is your favorite ice-cream? Comment down below :)<Strong>

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