Little Sable Point Light House: A place of my childhood

4 years ago

Two weekends ago my family went on a 4 hour excursion from our home just south of Flint Michigan northwest to Silver Lake. Silver Lake is famous for the sand dunes and light houses that graze Lake Michigan. As a child i used to spend a lot of time up here but i haven`t been there in about 12 years. My grandfather used to own a cabin just outside of town but sold it when the economy of the state started going down. Luckily he sold it inside the family but this is the first time in 12 years i`ve been back. My family couldn`t believe how i remembered exactly where and how everything was including the local ice cream parlor called the Whippy Dip. It gets it`s name from the bumps that the wind puts in the sand in the sand dunes. My absolute favorite place to visit is the Little Sable Point Light House. It`s right on lake michigan only steps from the water, I remember spending time there with my aunt. She used to tell me about how important the light houses were and i remember how my grandmother used to love light houses and collecting different themed objects. This is especially important to me now because neither of them are with me anymore. We really wanted to go there for sunset but sadly missed it by about 5 minutes (darn late dinner) but it was Such a beautiful sight to see even after the sun was down. You could see the line between night and day where the sky was still orange and pink but turning blue and purple and the stars were just beginning to shine. The light from the light house was making it`s rounds through the sky, though it was quite dark enough yet to it`s echo across the water. The little Sable Point Lighthouse will be a place i always come back to, to remember my past. It is one of my absolute favorite places in the world and I am so glad i got to get back to it this summer and relive part of my childhood.
Conversation Starters Do you have any place that bring back old memories from when you were very young?
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