Little Rock, AR Zoo

4 years ago

I was going through the universes on LUUUX and I noticed that most places under Places were very exotic places like Italy or Japan. After seeing so many nice places I thought why not write about a recent place that I went to but a little bit more local.

I live in Arkansas the natural state so there isnt much here to begin with. However, in Little Rock there is the Little Rock Zoo. I know it isnt very exciting but for my family and me it was exciting enough as I have a curious child of my own who loves animals. I must admit though that none of our family trips are ever really planned theyre kind of spontaneous. We only planned it a week or less ahead of time. None the less we did enjoy ourselves minus the 115 degree weather.

The zoo itself isnt that big and the selection of animals isnt that big either but then again I didnt expect to see as much as I did. There was the typical monkey type of animals, bears, donkeys, alligators, snakes and such. Some animals I didnt expect to see were giraffes, white rhinos, cheetahs, lions, tigers, or penguins. Sadly I didnt get to take photos of many of the animals because my camera decided to die and my phones camera isnt all that great.

If youre ever in Arkansas make sure to pass by the Little Rock Zoo. Its not extremely big or fancy like Busch Gardens or anything but its a fun thing to do while youre not doing anything. Thanks for reading and Ill see you guys later!

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