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5 years ago

As I`ve mentioned in some of my other food posts, I am currently trying to wean myself of of artificial sweeteners. After reading about how they might actually contribute to having a larger waistline, coupled with the fact that artificial sweeteners are just not healthy, I decided to seek out healthier drinks. Basically, I try to choose drinks that either have no sweeteners in them (natural, artificial, or otherwise), or that have a relatively low amount of natural sweeteners in them. This means that I drink quite a bit of mineral water and coconut water, when I don`t drink regular water. :)

The last time I went to buy myself a couple of drinks, I ended up getting a Pink Grapefruit Perrier and a Coco Exposed Pure Coconut Water + Real Aloe Vera with Peach and Kiwi. I didn`t realize until afterwards that they both had pink on their bottles! XD

The Pink Grapefruit Perrier is really refreshing, though it only has a slight hint of pink grapefruit flavour. There are no sweeteners in it at all, so it`s calorie-free. The Coco Exposed drink is more of a "dessert" drink for me, as it`s sweeter, has fruit juice in it, and has bits of aloe vera pulp in it (which I absolutely love). It`s 60 calories, which is perfectly fine by me!

I find that I`m able to replace my previous favourite drink (Diet Coke) with drinks like these - the Perrier provided the fizziness that I like, while the coconut water provides the sweetness. That way, I can avoid taking in artificial sweeteners too often.

<strong>Do you prefer "diet" or regular drinks? What is your favourite drink?</strong>

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