Little Caesars Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza

3 years ago

This is what happens when you have the pickiest eater in the world for a boyfriend. Nothing sounded good to him to have for dinner. The soup I was having he wouldnt touch because it was bean based and well, he doesnt really like beans. So in asking what hed like for dinner he mentioned deep dish pizza. He tried the Deep Dish Pizza from Little Caesars a week or two ago and has been in love since. My boyfriend only eats pepperoni pizza, so of course he ordered a deep dish pepperoni (which is $8 and apparently now its part of their hot and ready line because its getting more and more popular even though they just came bout about 3-weeks ago). The great thing about this pizza is that each side of the pizza has a crust because they are baked in smaller pans, the pans then cut into 4 slices each box containing 8 slices. I am a huge crust lover and I think this pizza is quite delicious. And better yet, its only a few points higher per slice than Little Caesars regular pepperoni pizza. A slice of pepperoni deep dish will run you 10 points plus. Worth it, especially if youre craving deep dish and dont want to throw 25+ away on a personal deep dish from a spot like Uno (Chicago style). QUESTION: Have you tried the new Little Caesars pizza? Image is mine do not take or use. Thank you.
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