Little Black Dress

4 years ago

I have finally found my perfect little black dress!

I`ve been searching for the perfect little black dress for it seems forever and a day. I wanted to make sure that my black dress would be unique and fit all my requirements.

You`re right. I found this on ebay along with pretty much 70% of my clothing I feel. But hey, ebay has a crapload of choices and bargains that you can`t find anywhere else.

What I was looking for in my black dress was details. I didn`t want it to be a typical black dress because. . .well quite frankly that`s just boring obviously. The details will also make it easy to wear the dress alone without feeling the need to accessorize too much which I like cause I`m just lazt that way. As you can see in the pictures, this dress has a really nice gold leather trimming. This creates a great accent to the dress. In addition, the dress has folds along the bust area for more detail. I like the details as well because it hides the fact that my bust is pretty much nonexistant (haha). I also like that it is quite modest. I am not exposing my chest at all and its a great length (I feel that a lot of dresses are so short nowadays which kinda bothers me). And the best part *drumroll* it has pockets! Yes! The ultimate win! Those who read my posts often are probably like (omg again with the pockets).

This dress is quite comfortable. It`s form fitting yet doesn`t show too much. Great material and I just absolutely adore it. I will do a post when I actually wear this to an event.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Note: The photos really don`t do it justice. Honestly its a lot more flattering on the body than it looks

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