Little Black Bag..Reveal and Review!

4 years ago

So! I was drawn into the hype about this website, can view the website and placed an order earlier this month! What this website a subscription site that will run you about 54.99 a month for three to four items. How it works, well you go onto the sign, create a profile and then choose ONE of the three to four items that you want to receive in you little black bag. A lot of the items are valued at over 50 dollars, so paying the 54.99 for the entire bag is worth it in the end. So once you pick the one big item that you want in your bag, the website generates the rest of your bag for you once you pay for it! Soo after I payed for my bag I was given two other smaller items that I would receive. I wasnt too thrilled with one of the items that the site picked for me. The great thing about this is, the website is a community and you are able to swap any item in your bag with another member on the website! You have 5 days to swap out your items before your bag is actually shipped, so if someone wants something you have in your bag or vice can trade with them! I swapped out a make up item for a coin pouch which I thought I would get much more use of of! Soo my bag finally came in the mail, I was super excited when it did since I had been DYING to get my hands on the handbag that I ordered :) I opened the bag and there was my handbag, necklace and coin pouch I ordered. Unfortunately..the necklace was SUPER cheaply made..worse quality than at Forever 21 and it retailed for 28 dollars :/ I was not pleased. Next the coin pouch....not so great and super small and just not what I had envisioned. handbag by Street Level... smelled like fish. Gross. It was still cute though. I let it air out and the smell did go away so I decided to use it for the day and give it a try. I literally wore it to work where it sat in a room all day not being used and then went shopping with a girlfriend after and it began to rip and tear in places it shouldnt! Needless to say I was furious. So I wrote the customer service department an email explaining my concerns and asked for a complete refund for my Little Black Bag purchase. They were more than happy to take it back and apologized for the problems I had. They also sent me a prepaid shipping label to return all of my items! All in all, I MIGHT try it out one more time to decide if everything on the site is bad quality..or if I just got a bad bag this month. I am however VERY pleased with their customer service and think they are great at handling customer issues :) Check out LBB Have you tired LBB? Will you try it out? What are some bad experiences you have had with monthly subscription sites? <3

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