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4 years ago

I`ve been far too busy so I`m really sorry Lucy, for making this post so late. Recently, I haven`t been feeling too well either. It`s due to the combination of my anxiety and the hot weather. I stay indoors with the AC on almost 100% of the time but I still get headaches and dizziness quite often. :( It`s actually 104ยบ F as I`m typing this blog post.

My little black bag order arrived a month ago and the only thing I`m happy about is the bag. It look just how it`s pictured and it came in perfect condition. It`s also the perfect size for me to fit all my necessities. For those who are not familiar with Little Black Bag, it`s a monthly online subscription of $49.95 a month (You can skip any month you want) or you can do a one time thing for $59.95 which is what I did. (I used a first customer coupon code and got 10% off so I save on shipping) You basically take a quiz and then choose an item from the ones they provided then they will choose 1-3 other items for you. If you are satisfied with everything, you can click "ship my bag" or you can utilize all 7 days to trade your items for the perfect bag.

Now, I usually wouldn`t splurge like this but Lucy suggest it to me and she was so nice to make a post about it for me. I read her post, saw the pic of this bag and I decided I had to have it. I`m always bargain shopping and I need a new purse anyway so why not? Also, my old purses are either too small or very juvenile looking so I needed an upgrade. Now onto the two jewelry items that I`m not satisfied with. Lucy mention in PM that she really like these earrings so I was going to give them to her but they look nothing like the picture that was on little black bag site. As you can see, the actual color is dull brass but in the pic on the site, it was vibrant gold. That`s just false advertisement right there. As for the cuff, the color is off as well. It should be copper which isn`t too far off so I was going to give this cuff to Lucy but when I try it on to see how it looks, it doesn`t look good at all. So I`m going to send both of these jewelry items back and get a refund. Sorry Lucy. :(

The last thing I wanted to talk about is the box that my stuff came in. It`s a regular brown box instead of a white box with my little black bag written on it which is fine because I only care about the contents but why couldn`t they send my stuff in a decent looking brown box? If you look at the pic, the box is bent and badly taped. Maybe by itself, it doesn`t look too bad but compare to all the boxes that I`ve received from B&BW, Hot Topic, Amazon, etc., it`s raggedy looking. But overall, I had a lot of fun trading and didn`t regret purchasing a bag since I got the purse that I really like. They really need to fix their pictures asap though. But their customer service is excellent so I would still recommend my Little Black Bag to those who are interested. Use this link so that Lucy can get an extra item in her next bag: Thanks for reading.^^

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