Listia, Fake Make-Up the Unnecessary Drama

2 years ago

I offer beauty products through Listia, I not only enjoy the Listia Experience`, I do very well & am a knowledgeable, ethical seller. Listia, for those that do not know, is a platform similar to Ebay but instead of money exchanging hands, it is a credit based system. When I receive 20,000 credits for a lipstick lot, I can then turn around and bid on other seller`s auctions, get gift cards or items through the Listia Rewards Store. Much like Luuux, it is a very social site where fellow Listians can comment on listings and as such, there is a lot of interaction with others.

Fakemake-up is everywhere, be it Amazon, Ebay, Listia or any other E-Commerce site. The dangers involved with using counterfeitcosmetics are many, yet many sellers, looking for quick buck, or credit in this case, continue to offer them and are presenting them as authentic. It has been my experience that counterfeits are even more prevalent on Listia, unfortunately it comes with the territory.

Owing to the fact this is a social site, many times users will comment and ask is this authentic or can you snap a photo of the bottom? Potential bidders are well within their right to ask this, besides the fact high-end make-up fetches a lot of credits, it is potentially dangerous to use fake make-up. Even though buyer`s are protected through the dispute process on Listia if they receive a fake and realize it, no one enjoys this hassle and having their credits tied up for days.

What bothers me to no end, what gets under my skin more than anything else on Listia is how many sellers reply back to these comments. This is a popular response just look at my feedback, it speaks for itself. Or, if you don`t think it`s real, don`t bid. Um, no, sorry, that does not cut it. I do not care how great your feedback is, how many fans you have, how long you have been on Listia, does not matter in the least. If you are offering an item that has a high counterfeit rate, you owe it to the community to alleviate concerns with your description and photos.

To assume seasoned sellers always offer real, genuine products and newbie`s list fakes would be a mistake. Although generally speaking this is true, I have seen the converse many, many times.
Regardless of how long a seller has been on Listia or how new they are, when I only see stock photos on a listing, I move along. I simply do not have time to ask the seller to post a picture of the actual item and to show the batchcode (an alpha-numeric code the vast majority of cosmetics have stamped on the package and/or the actual product, example of an Urban Decay batch code in the photo section).
When the batch code is shown, it is easy to check authenticity by heading over to, find the brand, enter the code and Voila! If the `date of manufacture` and/or expiration date comes up, you have a real one. Unfortunately, as of this writing, checking for batch codes for Urban Decay is not possible, I am hopeful they will get added or a different site pops up making this possible. However, there are countless brands on there including two brands that are frequently a victim of phonycosmetics, MAC and Benefit.

Just like mosquito`s in the middle of summer, there will always be fake beauty products for sale at sites such as Listia, but that does not mean we put the Citronella candles & OFF away.

{Photo are mine & licensed under Creative Commons `Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International`}

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