Do you like eBay? Do you want to get a new laptop/phone but don`t have the money? Do you have a lot of junk lying around?

Like eBay Listia has the same concept of selling and buying items though instead of receiving money you get points. Now why is that better? Two reasons
1.) Competition
2.) Point vs Dollar amount

1.) Now let me explain in the website Listia there is less competition then on eBay and winning items is much easier. I have won multiple items I couldn`t even close to in eBay. (Ex. Video games, consoles, ipods)
Does this mean it`s superior than eBay?
Less competition also mean less sellers meaning not as many items to buy though quite a few. eBay still has far more diversity but, if you`re looking for a few games/devices you might want to check it out.

2.) The point vs dollar value is not a ratio of 1=100 and items that cost $26 do not go for 2,600 all the time. They can go much higher than usual. Does that mean that other items you want also go higher? Yes, but it depends on seller. Many newbie sellers make the mistake of starting the item low (thinking 800 is a lot) and the item only goes for around 2,000 coins when it`s something like an iPhone which would mean around $2. The thing is to know how to find good offer because there are plenty. Plus if you`re only going to get $5 for junk might as well get 5,000 points and buy something that might be more valuable.
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