Lisbon Zoo: best day ever!!

4 years ago

Hi beautiful creatures!

A couple of days ago I went to the Zoo. Some of you know that because I did a Fashion post with my outfit. Well today I`m going to let you know a little bit more about the Lisbon Zoo!!

Every year I go to this Zoo, all my family loves it. Apart from this Zoo I only went to Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens. It`s really nice too, some other day I`ll show you my photos :)

Back to the Zoo! Brace yourselves to some awesome stories that happen all in the same day :D

First we took a family picture with some exotic birds. The first and second picture that you see in my post was taken from the dolphins and sea lions show. It`s amazing what they can do, they are so smart!!!
In the middle of the show, a staff member asked my niece if she wanted to ride in a tiny boat pulled by a dolphin and then she could pet them. Of course she said yes!! It was so awesome, I was so proud of my little girl for taking the courage to go by herself!!
After that, we were straight to my brother-in-law`s starling. Technically it`s not his, but everytime he whistles, the starling whistles him back. It`s so cool! I did the same and he whistle back to me. And then I pet them between the bars, and he enjoyed so much that he stopped whistling and fell asleep!
After lunch we fed some peacocks (we put crackers in our hands and they would eat from our hand) and watched some cuty pies like the koalas and giraffes, we went to the reptile show. I was the lucky one to put the snake around my neck. I was really excited untill they said that it`s one of the choking snakes!! SCARY!!
At the end of the day we discovered a beautiful red lemur. When started to run, he would run after us in his cage. We raced a lot, it was really fun!!

I had one of the best days in the Zoo. At the end of the day I was exhauted, but only for a good cause. LOVED EVERY SECOND!

Have you ever visit the Zoo? Do you like it?

Kisses and chocolates

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