Lisa`s Nordstorm Rack Clearance Haul

4 years ago

Hey everyone! Sorry that this haul is posted a bit late. This haul was actually bought a few months ago but I just never had the time to edit and type up the post. If you didn`t know already, every few months, Nordstorm Rack tends to put a bunch of their jewelry on clearance. I don`t know when they start clearancing their items but I just have to be lucky whenever I walk into the store. I don`t really shop at Nordstorm Rack that much. I would just go there sometime whenever I want to check out their makeup section, hoping that they would have a bunch of high-end makeup at a discount, like Urban Decay and Stila cosmetics. The last time that I went, I had gotten lucky and got a bunch of great pieces at unbelievable discounted prices. I bought a bunch of jewelry pieces like two necklaces andd two bangles. All of them were under $3 each, which is such a great deal. I love all the pieces, especially the bangles because they fit so well and you can chance the size by closing down on the sides or opening them up to make them bigger. I love how they have this Aztec design to them. Plus I also like the little pink triangle necklace that I bought. Its so delicate and small. The last two things that I bought were some Steve Madden leggings! I am so happy with the deal that I got these for. They were under $5 for Steve Madden when they are regularly priced at $15!! I actually went around the store trying to find some more of these but these two were the last ones in the store. The pairs of leggings that I bought are both different. Both are black leggings but one of them has a zippered design on the sides of the legs. The zipper does unzip but there is just extra fabric underneath so it doesn`t show any skin. I really love the one with the zippers! The other leggings were just your usual black leggings. I gave that pair to my sister, which she has been wearing constantly. So those are all the pieces that I bought at Nordstorm Rack! I am so excited with all the pieces that I bought and all the good deals that I got everything for, especially the Steve Madden leggings. I hope to find some more deals like these the next time I go back. I love buying leggings so hopefully, the next time I go, there will be a bunch of Steve Madden leggings on clearance. Haha!
QUESTIONS: Have you ever been to Nordstorm Rack before? What do you think about my haul? ==================================================================




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