Lisa`s New Black Metal Necklace

4 years ago

Hey everyone! As I was walking up and getting ready to do my makeup, I opened up the blinds to my window and noticed that across the street from my house, the neighbors were having a garage sale. Heck yeah, especially since if I bought a bunch of stuff, I wouldn`t have to carry everything so far since all I had to do was cross the street. Haha! I didn`t know what they were selling but I wanted to check it out anyways but I love garage sales since they tend to have some good things on sale. Plus another man`s junk is another man`s treasure. Haha! Apparently they were just selling some old furniture but the lady was selling some Mary Kay items. I guess she`s a representative for Mary Kay since she also had some brochures. She was selling a bunch of jewelry pieces, skincare, and some makeup. I wasn`t really into the makeup or skincare since when I opened up the drawers holding them, the space was hot. I guess they had it stored in a hot place before the garage sale. I didn`t want to risk it since makeup and skincare items tend to go bad when they are stored in hot places. Plus she was selling them for regular price, which I checked in the brochures. If I was interesting in any of the products, I would rather order online from the Mary Kay items since they would be brand new and stored correctly. Anywhos, I did end up liking some of the jewelry pieces that she was selling. She had a bunch of duplicates. One piece that I was interested in was this necklace. I thought that it would be perfect with a dress and/or a casual outfit. Its a pretty heavy piece and looked like it wouldn`t be rusting anytime soon. The closure is a twist off, which I didn`t really like but was fine with. I tried it on and instantly loved it. I bought it for only $3, which isn`t that bad in my opinion for a necklace. So that was all that I bought at the garage sale.
QUESTIONS: Do you love shopping at garage sales? What do you think about this necklace? ==================================================================
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