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4 years ago

Hey everyone! Last month, a bunch of my family members came to visit from Hawaii. Everytime they visit, they always make sure to bring chocolates!! Yay! I love it whenever someone comes visits. They always bring chocolates with macadamia nuts but this time, they bought other food items as well. I am happy to get all of these but of course, not all of this is just mine. I have to share with my family. What I got from my aunts:
MAUNA LOA Milk Chocolate Macadamias These are just macadamia nuts covered in rich milk chocolate. These are pretty yummy and great to just snack on.
HAWAIIAN HOST Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts These are pretty nice to give as gifts because they come in a chocolate box. These are pretty yummy. They are just chocolate clusters with two macadamia nuts inside.
HAWAII`S COOKIE KITCHEN Short-Bread Crunchies These are the first time where we had gotten these. They are alright but not my favorites since the cookies are somewhat hard and I prefer chewy cookies.
HAWAII`S COOKIE KITCHEN Macadamia Crunchies (X2) These aren`t that bad but are also on the hard side. They don`t really have that many chuncks of macadamia nuts, which was a disappointment.
HAWAII`S COOKIE KITCHEN Chocolate Chip Cookies (X2) These, I didn`t like much either and I love chocolate chip cookies. I was so sad with these because each cookie only had one chocolate chip inside. I mean come on, Hawaii`s Cookie Kitchen, be more generous with the chocolate chips!
HAWAII`S COOKIE KITCHEN Kona Coffee Crunchies These cookies had coffee mixed in and you could definitely see them in the cookies. They smelled a lot like coffee. I liked the smell but didn`t like the actual coffee bits since I`m not a fan of coffee. Those are all the items that I got from my aunts! Even though, I didn`t really like the cookies that much, they were still okay to snack on from time to time. LOL So far, we only have two bags of cookies left and I think I ate the most of them.
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