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4 years ago

Hey everyone! I just wanted to show you guys something exciting that I bought! If you didn`t know already, I am not sure if tweeted or instagramed about this but I was at ULTA a while back and I was lucky enough to have spotted the
LAURA GELLER Femme Fatale set on clearance!! No freaking way! This is my second Laura Geller set that I was lucky enough to find on clearance. To tell you the truth, I don`t even know why I was at ULTA in the first place. LOL I was probably just bored and decided to drive to ULTA, either that or I had a really good coupon and wanted to use it. Right when I walked into ULTA, the first place that I check is the clearance section. I always check the clearance sections first because sometimes there are really good deals there. Plus in the clearance section, there might be only one thing of each item and if you are there too late, someone else might get it and buy it. Also all the regular items will be there anyways because there is always multiples of them. Plus if not, chances are they will restock but with clearance items, thats not always the case. Okay, onto my
LAURA GELLER Femme Fatale haul!! This is a tempting collection for face, eyes, and lips. It regularly retails for $59.50 with a value of $138.50 but guess what? It was on clearance for $39.00 plus tax. The only thing was that when I checked the set, I saw that the
LAURA GELLER Balance-N-Brighten Foundation Medium was broken to peices. I think someone dropped it and just put it back on the shelf. Good thing that I checked it otherwise I wouldn`t have known that it was broken until I came home, which would have sucked big time. I don`t know what caused me to check it but I just had a feeling so I asked a SA if it was okay if I opened it to check and she opened it for me. Since I saw that the foundation was broken, I asked the SA if it was possible if I could get a discount on it but she said probably not since the set was on clearance and its already discounted enough but she decided to ask the manager anyways! Yay! When she came back, she told me that the manager said that he would give me 20% off so I only paid $31.20 plus tax!! Thats more than 40% off the original price! Heck yeah! When I got home, I just took the peices that broke off and put them in an old container so it would be more easier and less messy for me to use. This set was definitely a great deal because it included 4 full size items! If I had bought these items individually, I would have paid way more than what I paid for the set. This set included:

  • Balance-N-Brighten Foundation Medium

  • Blush-N-Brighten Roseberry

  • Light Beams Ultimate Shine Lip Gloss Passion Fruit

  • Baked Eyeshadows Trio Smoky Plum

  • i-Care Waterproof Eyeliner Purple Paradise

LAURA GELLER Balance-N-Brighten Foundation Medium If you didn`t know already, this is a baked foundation that is supposed to color correct your complexion. You can either wear this foundation alone or on top of your liquid foundations. What I like to do is use it as a setting powder for my light coverage liquid foundations, that way it gives me the coverage that I need. According to the pamphlet included in the set, this unique baked color-correcting foundation is infused with multiple shades of tan and sheer beige, which will help offset ruddiness, brighten sallow tones and balance out most complexions. This luxurious powder begins as a creamy base that is baked for 24 hous on a terracotta pan. The resulting foundation imparts a smooth and silky consistency on your skin--leaving your complexion flawless-looking. This new formulation is free of mineral oil and parabens. It is also loaded with the powerful antioxidant protection of Centello Asiatica and White Tea Extracts. I have a review on this, if you would like to check it out, just /viz/review-swatches-laura-geller-balance-n-brighten-foundation-spf15-medium. Other than that, I have only tried the foundation, blush, and the eyeshadows. I haven`t tried the eyeliner or the lipgloss yet because I have so many eyeliners that I need to use up and finish first. Plus the same goes with the lipgloss. Once I try those two items, I do a review on them. I might post up some swatches of the baked blush, definitely let me know if you would like to see that. All-in-all, I am so happy that I got this set and got the chance to try out more Laura Geller products without breaking my wallet.
QUESTIONS: Do you ever heard to the clearance section when you first head into ULTA? Have you ever tried Laura Geller items before? Would you have gotten this set? Would like you like to see swatches on any of the items included in the set? ==================================================================





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