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4 years ago

Hey everyone! So if you didn`t know, CVS had a BOGO FREE on Wet N` Wild cosmetics!! I know that WnW products are already inexpensive but getting them BOGO FREE is an even better deal. I didn`t get much because I arrived late into the sale and was there on the last day. It wasn`t my luckiest day as you will soon see why later into the post. I didn`t know what I wanted when I got t CVS but I knew that I had to pick up something. I was hoping to see if there were any of the new 8pan palettes from WnW since I heard that they were popping up at certain CVS stores but I was out of luck. None of the CVS stores that I went to had them, which was a bummer. Since I didn`t get my hands on any of the new LE 8pan palettes, I decided to cheer myself up with some other products instead. What I bought:
WnW MegaLast Nail Polish 217B Disturbia
WnW MegaLast Nail Polish 203B 2% Milk
WnW MegaGlo Illuminating Powder 348 Starlight Bronze
WnW MegaGlo Illuminating Powder 345 Catwalk Pink I was hoping to get some bright nail polish colors but the stores that I went were mostly out of stock. I only picked up two because I already have way more nail polishes than I would ever need in a lifetime. I decided to pick up Disturbia, which is a fall shade since I don`t really have that many dark shades in my collection. I also picked up 2% Milk because I don`t have many nudes in my collection. It looks like it could be a bit sheer but I am sure that I could work with it. Since there weren`t many polishes in stock, I picked up two face products that I have always been curious about. Plus the past few months, I have really been into illuminating powders and highlighters. I picked up two, which I think are the only two that WnW carries. I was a bit disappointment since the majority of the highlighting powders were broken and smashed. They all looked like they were thrown around for fun. I was happy that I found Catwalk Pink still intact but since it was a BOGO FREE deal, I took Starlight Bronze as well. There were only two Starlight Bronzes left and they were both broken. I took all my items and asked the cashier if they gave out any sort of discounts on broken items. LOL I knew that CVS stores don`t do that but I had to ask anyways because it never hurts to ask. The cashier told me that since the last two were broken, I could bring it back when they restocked and exchanged it for a new one as long as I had the receipt. So far I have been back four times and they still haven`t restocked. I even went to other CVS stores in my area as well and they have broken ones too, which is weird. Hopefully my CVS store will restock soon because I would love to start using it and reviewing it. So those are all the products that I bought! If you have tried any of these products, definitely let me know because I would love to hear if you ended up loving them or not.
QUESTIONS: Did you take advantage of the BOGO FREE sale? What WnW products would you recommend? Have you tried any of these products before? ==================================================================
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