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10 months ago

Hey Luuuxers!

Over the years, I have posted plenty of hauls from the Lisa`s Cosmetics Warehouse sale which happens twice a year near my home.

I look forward to this sale every time since I am able to stock up on some great stuff for cheap!

Often times, I will stock up on some tried and true favourites at this sale and use them up until the next one...

But this time, they had changed up a lot of the inventory so I did also pick up a bunch of replacement options and new things to try.

They have a very large selection of perfumes available, but I wasn`t sure if I wanted to get any until I saw this Juicy Couture sample set. For whatever reason, I really like JC perfumes and even bought 2 rollers of the Couture Couture scent last year. So when I saw this set with 4 different minis for only 24 bucks, I thought it was a great way to try some more JC perfumes. I`m planning on sharing this with my sister as well.

I also noticed some body scrubs in different scents. Not sure what the brand itself is called but above all the scents are the words `I love...`. I picked up two scents to try even though they had a few options. If I like them, I plan on seeking them out again at the next sale!
Again, I also plan on sharing these with my sister.

Speaking of sharing things with my sister, I share a bathroom with her which can be a major source of frustration when things go missing after she borrows them. I happen to be a bit of a germaphobe when it come to make-up and personal items ( like tweezers) so I hate it when they go missing since I know she used them...
Case in point: my tweezers have been missing for a few weeks now. I specifically bought us two different coloured pairs so we don`t use one another`s but they are both missing from the basket where we keep them and she has no idea where they are! So I ended up buying us 2 new pairs. I couldn`t find a regular pair in more than one colour so I bought a black one that comes with an LED light to help get a better look at some of the tiniest hairs as well as a standard white one with a little carrying case. Hopefully these won`t go missing like the last ones I purchased!

I also bought 2 packs of these bamboo face wipes for us to use. I love the convenience of facial wipes, but I do feel guilty about the waste so I try to limit them to when I travel. But these bamboo wipes helps ease the guilt since they are biodegradable. They aren`t my favourite, but they do a decent job.

Whatever they don`t take off, the Marcelle cleansing water takes care off! I was introduced to Marcelle make-up removers thanks to this sale! The Marcelle duo-phase eye make-up remover is still my all time favourite, though I can`t always find it at the sale anymore! However this cleansing water also does a try job of removing stubborn make-up so I use it as well! I have 1 bottle of each at home, but decided to pick up a bottle of the cleansing water in case I run out before the next sale! It`s only 3 dollars at the sale, and more than double in stores, so I like to make sure I have back-ups!

Marcelle also makes some great BB creams - in fact my sister fell in love with their version because of this sale. I ended up purchasing one full size for her. They have a few different formulas, but unfortunately they didn`t have every shade for each formula so I picked up the anti-aging one even though my sister is only 22 haha! But I guess you can never start too early I preventing aging!

I also noticed these small trial kits for only 3 dollars that include a mini BB cream sample, and cream to powder compact and a sample facial cleanser! I picked one up for myself to test out. But it was only when I got home that I realized that I should have just purchased a bunch of these kits for my sister! Her full size product is 45mL and cost 9 bucks. The sampler sets include 15mL of the BB cream and the other 2 sample. So for the same price per volume, she would have gotten some extra goodies! But oh well, I`ll have to keep that in mind for next time!

Since I couldn`t find my favourite Marcelle Make-up remover, I decided to venture out and try something else. After all, what`s to say I couldn`t discover a new favourite at the sale this time? I love dual phase make-up removers (the ones you have to shake to mix the two layers) and I found one for only a dollar by this brand called PUR(e). I`ve never heard of them before, but I decided to give it a shot - for a buck, you can`t go wrong in at least testing it out!

I did also pick up a few make-up items, though the majority were not for me, but for my mom. She has a few of her favourites from this sale, and sent me to find some. She wanted some foundation, and she was looking to try something new so I found 2 options for her. One was this Annabelle BlackBerry cream and the next one was the Covergirl Tru Match. She has never tried a BB cream before but she said that the Marcelle one doesn`t have enough coverage for her. This one offers a lot more coverage and was only 2 dollars so I thought it would be nice to try. But in case she didn`t like it, I got the Covergirl one for her :). I know that she like CG foundations though I`m not sure if she has ever tried this particular formula.

I was actually looking to get her the one she picked up last time, which was by Elizabeth Arden, but they didn`t seem to have her shade in stock. I did happen to notice these double ended eyeliners on sale for only 3 dollars. They include a midnight navy on one end and a brigthening nude shade, that is perfect for the waterline, on the other.

My mom also sent me on a mission for her favourite Revlon liquid lipstick, but once again, I couldn`t find what she wanted. I did end up picking up a different formula with the colour on one side and a clear gloss to seal in the colour. It`s a little darker than what she normally wears but I figure if she doesn`t like it, someone else will make use of it sometime.

I did also pick out a Colorstay lipstick in a bright coral colour for myself. I love the Colorstay line, but I wish they had more shades available at the sale... that`s the problem with these warehouse sales - you never know what kind of selection they will have!

Another example is these Ardell lashes. They had a huge bin, but I was only able to find 2 different styles. I ended up picking up one of each - I can`t remember the last time I tried Ardell lashes, but I always hear about them on YouTube so I figure why not try them when I can get them for cheap. These were under 2 bucks each!

They always have a massive selection of nail polishes at this sale, and I always end up picking some up. This time I tried a new brand called Ceramic Glaze - I ended up choosing 3 of the brightest shades they had! I usually gear towards neons and bright colours so these shades called out my name. These were 99 cents each!

I always ended up picking up a big box of band-aids. This is something I usually pick up at this sale since it`s a good chance to buy them for a good price, and they are always handy to have!

And lastly I ended up getting some great Dove products as well. I picked up a deodorant since I needed a new one. I`m almost wishing I got some more since they were cheaper than I can get at the drugstore or Walmart but I wasn`t sure if I had any others at home. As it turns out, I don`t have any more, but I will make sure to wait for a sale or coupon and then stock up at the next sale!

I also got a few hairsprays. My mom likes pump hair sprays so I bought one for her, but I prefer the aerosol cans. I love the Dove hair spray so I bought 2 cans even though I have plenty of options in my stockpile! Lol this is one product I know I will use and it never hurts to buy it for cheap when you can!

I love going to this warehouse sale every time, since even if I don`t find some items, I can always find some pretty good substitutes, and I never leave disappointed!

Do you have any warehouse sales near you that you frequent?


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