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1 year ago

Hey luuuxers,

Over the years, I have regularly posted hauls from Lisa`s Cosmetics Sale - a bi-yearly warehouse sale hosted near my home.

This time around, they actually changed the location of the sale and I have to say, I like the new location a lot better.

I didn`t have a chance to visit until the very last day this time around, but I still managed to get some great stuff, as always!

I found some great and inexpensive foot insoles for under 2 dollars each so I bought 1 pair of full insoles, 1 pair of heel cushions and 1 package of strip protection liners.

I also checked out the vast selection of perfumes this time around, mostly to see if they have my new favourite perfume - Juicy Couture`s. Viva La Juicy Noir. They had it, but I have a large bottle at home, and I was looking for a small bottle for travelling. Instead what I found is individual rollerballs of the Couture Couture perfume for only 5 bucks. I actually grabbed 2 since they are such a good deal!

I also found the Vaseline Spray lotions. I usually buy the Cocoa version, but this particular version is for dry skin, so we will see if it helps my skin after this harsh winter.

I also found a small travel kit of eco brushes. I`ve been on the look out for some good travel brushes and these seem to fit the bill.

I also found some of my favourite nail files. I bought a pack of these years ago at one of these sales, and the cardboard files are great without being to ragged on my nails so I bought 2 more packs.

I had also purchased some Spa Resource face brushes at a previous sale and this time, I bought 2 eye brushes: an eye contour brush and a crease brush.

I also bought a can of SPF 60 sunscreen in spray form. I am very pale and very susceptible to the sun, so I need to be careful, and this will hopefully help make sure I don`t burn!

There were also some new items at this year`s sale that I had never seen before. For example, while they have always had lots of nail polishes available, I don`t remember seeing Essie polishes among the selection before. I managed to find one of my favourite shades called Dive Bar. It`s one I have never owned but I choose regularly for my pedicures.

I also noticed what. I thought were EOS balms, but we`re actually knock-offs from a brand called ChapIce. They were only a dollar so I decided to try the watermelon flavored one, and so far I think I may even prefer it to my EOS! It goes on very smooth and hydrates pretty darn well. I will look out for other scents at the next sale for sure!

They also usually have a selection of Revlon tools at these sales, and this time I grabbed a pair of pointed tweezers. I have a few tweezers at home, but I recently needed a pointed pair so I grabbed this one when I saw it.

They also have some items for men, usually along the lines of body washes and deodorant. I actually prefer using male deodorant since often times they have better scents (I`m not a big fan of florals). I don`t like using overtly masculine scents either and this one from Gilette is perfect since it reminds me of a fresh citrus-y scent.

One of the other new additions this time was Covergirl products, mostly mascaras. I`m obsessed with the Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara and it never hurts to have another one on hand.

And lastly, I picked up a box of Band-aids. Always good to have handy, especially with someone as clumsy as me! Haha

And that`s it! Lots of goodies at great prices -It`s no wonder why I go back to this sale every time around!


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