Lisas Cosmetics Sale Haul

3 years ago

Lisas Cosmetics Sale

A couple of times a year, there is a really popular warehouse sale near where I live called Lisas Cosmetics Sale. Despite the name, they carry much more than just cosmetics and my mom and I always try to go and stock up on some of our favs
My mom ended up with a lot more than I did, but Im only sharing with you my items

I was able to get:

2 bottles of Satin Care shave cream for $2.49 each (normally around 4 dollars each)

2 Revlon True Red Brushes for 5 bucks (normally between 8-10 dollars for a 2 pack)

2 Bottles of Marcelle Make-up remover for $5 each (normally at least $12-$15!)

Dove Shampoo and Conditioner for $2.99 each (normally ~$5)
A pair of NYC tweezers for $2.99 - I dont know how much these normally cot since I cant find them anywhere! I already have a pair and love them so I grabbed these as backup! ;)

H2O Spa body scrub for $17 dollars apparently this size normally costs around 40 dollars! I love body scrubs and this one is supposed to be amazing!

Advil travel pack for 2.99 (20ct) I always carry Advil since Im prone to headaches and this little container is easier to carry in my purse or make-up bag. I will probably just end up refilling this bottle from the big one I have at home!

3 Tivoli glitter polishes for 99 cents each! As a true nail polish addict, I couldnt resist!

Clean and Clear blemish spot treatment for $3.49 (normally 8 or 9 dollars)

Large 1.5 L bottle of Tressemme Conditioner for $3.49 ( normally closer to 8 or 9 dollars for this size). I wish they had the shampoo as well, but they were all sold out!

2 boxs of Nair face and bikini wax strips for $3.99 each (normally 9 or 10 dollars)

2 boxes of Veet 40 ct Wax strips for $8.99 (normally 16+ bucks each)

But my absolutely fav items I grabbed in the haul are the 2 Stila Smudge Stick eyeliner sets! These were $14.99 each but they retail for MUCH MORE! Both sets have 5 liners in them but one set is a limited edition selling for 42 dollars CND (32 AMD) while the other is 40 CND.

Its crazy since Sephora sells these liners for 26 dollars EACH! So for a little more than he price of one at Sephora, I got 10 liners! They basically cost me about 3 dollars each, plus tax!

Ive heard great things about the smudge sticks, and Im so excited to try them out!

The sale runs over 3 consecutive weekends, and this past weekend was the first one. If you live in the GTA, I highly suggest checking them out!

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