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5 years ago

Hey everyone! I have been meaning to put up this haul for a whie now but with all the good clearance deals at Target, I held this off because I wanted to share with everyone the great deals that I got on the clearanced makeup so you would be able to go out and get some for yourself before they were all gone. As you can see from the pictures, I bought this probably a week after Valentine`s Day and we are already into March. LOL I am really late on this and I just noticed. But oh well. its Big Lots and they never really have sales on makeup. Their prices are always the sale, unless they are offering a 20% off coupon, which is rare these days. Okay onto my haul and enough with my babble. I didn`t really spend that much on this haul because most of the items were already on clearance. The things that were clearanced were the Valentine`s Day items. I got such a great deal on everything! Yay because you know that I love saving! :D What I bought:
REVLON NAIL POLISHES I bought four of these or two packs of two. I love it when my Big Lots has Revlon nail polishes. Big Lots is the best place to nail Revlon nail polishes because its so inexpensive there. The majority of my nail polish collection is Revlon so I am glad that Big Lots sells them sometimes. I love the colors that I was lucky to find. I was there for what felt like a long time, going through all the Revlon packs to find the prettiest colors. I bought mostly Spring colors, which I am totaly loving right now. The colors that I bought are
Gold Rush, Luxe Laque, Wind Fall and
Modern Grace. All three except for Gold Rush are Spring inspired and I am so glad to finally have shades like these in my collection! Yay!
VALENTINE`S DAY THREE HEARTS DECORATION HANGER I thought this was so cute and perfect to hang outside by the front door for next year. Plus it was only $0.25USD plus tax! It was originally $3USD plus tax but it was on clearance! It was the last one there and you know that I had to grab it! LOL Right now, its just hanging in my room. Its made out of that felt material, so its not heavy. The three hearts are just so cute!
PEANUT BUTTER FILLED CHOCOLATE HEART This was originally $1USD but I bought it for, I think $0.15USD. I am not sure but I remember it was super cheap. I just love peanut butter with chocolate and this was also the last one left. I have eaten this one yet but I am sure that its going to be super delicious. Plus its in the shape of a heart, what more can I say? Hmm...
CARAMEL FILLED CHOCOLATE HEARTS This was on clearance for less than a dollar. Sorry that I can`t remember the exact price, I think it was probably a quarter but I can`t be sure. Oh well, its not like its there anymore so its not like you guys need to know the exact price. LOL These are so yummy. We already ate them all. I love caramel filled chocolates. They are also the best next to peanut butter chocolates. I wish I had bought more than one container but am actually a little glad that I didn`t buy more because I am breaking out after eating these. I have never had so many pimples on my face in my life. LOL So that is all that I bought at Big Lots! I hope you like my small haul and sorry for it being so posted late. If you are interesting in Revlon nail polishes, definitely check out your Big Lots stores. They might have them around!
What do you think about Revlon nail polishes? Do you like them? What do you think about the shades that I bought? ==================================================================
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