Liquid Eyeliner Comparisons: Milani, Physicians Formula, L`Oreal, and Revlon

4 years ago

Well, hello again! last time i did an eyeliner review i was all in a pencil liner phase. i never found one i was really content with so i decided to move onto liquids. i mostly tried pen liners except for one so again i`m gonna go in the order i bought them.

Milani Eye Tech Extreme:
so this was 3.99 at target which i thought was a damn good price. it claims to be long wearing and waterproof, so that was enough to convince me besides the cheap price. and i know that milani eyeliners have a fairly good reputation. this by far out of the four i tried was definitely the blackest. and the tip made it easy to do a fast clean wing. but after using it for a week it seemed to already be drying out..the tip seemed to be bending slightly so it wasn`t as precise anymore. i bought the physicians formula one after this and compared them side by side and immediately after i put both of them on i noticed that the eye that had the milani liner was getting itchy and felt irritated. i never noticed that before i guess since i was dealing with seasonal allergies so i thought nothing of it. but after finding that out i didn`t really want to use it anymore cuz that`s never worth it.

Physicians Formula 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner+Serum:
this was the eyeliner i originally wanted to try but for my first liquid eyeliner i didn`t know if i wanted to go spend the $11 price. i know physicians formula is a good brand but thats still pretty pricey. this claims to have a lash growth serum in the liner formula, and also to be water resistant and long wearing. so i had two problems with this liner. one being the packaging. it looks nice and sleek and doesn`t look cheap or anything but when i`d try to take the cap off the pen, the casing would come off so the tip and the little part that holds the liquid itself would be stuck to the cap...could obviously just be a defected product but still that was annoying. and another thing was the brush. i have small lid space and the brush was a liiiittle too thick for me and making a wing didn`t take quite as little time as it did with the Milani one. and after another week of using this one i`d have to shake the pen pretty vigorously to make the product flow out as nicely as when i first bought it. and i`d have to shake it constantly too. again. annoying. as for the lash boosting part i cant really say cuz i didn`t use it for a whole month or anything. but when i took it off after the first day of using it i did notice my lashes looking a lot darker. i thought i was still wearing mascara. my lashes have already grown a lot from other products i`ve used in the past so i can`t say much else on the affect it gave me.

L`Oreal Linear Intense Liquid Liner:
this item isn`t even pictured because of how much i hated it the moment i put it on. i tossed it instantly. i decided to try this because maybe i`d have better luck with products where you have to dip the applicator into the liner. and i know sooooo many people love this liner. okay. so first off. it was water as ffffuuuuu- and it went on so streaky and not opaque at ALL, whenever id` go over a spot again it would just take off the liner that was once there (or not there..whatever) either way i wasn`t getting the "intense" black color that is promised on the packaging. and i instantly got that itchy irritated feeling again once i applied it so. instant toss.

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen:
i bought this one on a whim because i was tired of dealing with the physicians formula one and i did like it because the tip was very stiff and that made it easy to achieve what i wanted. the color wasn`t aaaassss black as any of the previous ones but i wasn`t enraged by it. it got the job done. the only thing was that it wasn`t water proof or anything besides "long wearing" so after a few hours it`d be all along my lashline. but since it wasn`t waterproof cleaning that up was very easy. but no one likes to walk around during the day and not realize their lower lash line all full of black smudges.

i didn`t find my perfect liner within these four and i kindof gave up on liquid eyeliner after this. which brings me to my next review! ---> (bet you can guess what`s next)

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