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5 years ago

Hello girls,
a review today is about the intense blush liquid line of O Boticário, a product that I like and that made my favorite part of November.

Liquid Blush Line Lintense O Boticário

Useful information
This product belongs to the intense line of make-up of The Apothecary can be purchased for 6.90 O Boticário in any store or brand`s online store you can visit by clicking HERE.

This product has a different package of traditional blushes. This blush is a glass bottle with an applicator brush similar to the packaging of nail polish. This pack have 13ml of product.

What does O Boticário
"It provides a natural and healthy, with rapid and practical for day-to-day. It harmonizes with all skin tones. Formulated with mild fragrance. Apply small dabs of product on the cheeks and then spread with your fingers. "

My opinion
With a different package than we see in blushes, and a liquid texture, this blush is no doubt but with a different product quality.

How is a liquid blush, its pigmentation is not the best, but I think this is the purpose of this blush. It is not supposed to be tremendously liquid blushes pigmented, in my opinion, they should just give a color to our face, a look of health. And this is what blush does, as we see in the picture, after spreading it gives only a slight color. However, color can be built, and if we want more intensity, simply apply more layers.

Can apply it directly to the brush that comes in the box making small dots on the face and then spread with the fingers, or they may put a few drops in a synthetic bristle brush and apply on face. They can choose to use it alone (more natural look perfect for day to day), or as a base for powder blush that gives a more intense look. This product can also be used on the lips, giving them a lighter color. I must stress however, that this product has a light scent, which I love, but for those who do not like is a point that should be taken into consideration.

In terms of durability, this blush is used alone it only lasts a few hours (maximum of 3 / 4), however if used as a base for blush will last much longer.

I love the product, and I think the price we have a great product in our collection of makeup. The package is 13 ml and believe that you will last a long time, because they will spend very little each time they use it.

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