Lipton Pure Leaf Iced Tea

5 years ago

This drink has been my husbands obsession for the past few weeks. He would get them at work from the vending machines to go with his lunch and every day I`d get a call from him around lunchtime telling me just how good his tea was... not the food that I cooked and packed for him...nope... the tea! LOL!

I am a long-time tea drinker but have become picky. When I was pregnant I drank quite a lot of sweet tea, Tradewinds being my top choice. Because of that I had burnt myself out and have only had Tradeswinds a couple of times in the last four years. Afterwards, though, I moved to making my own sun tea, which I grew up drinking. My mom would make it in the spring and summer a ton. I did that for a while until I read somewhere that it actually wasn`t very healthy because there are bacteria in the tea bags that aren`t killed since the water is never heated up enough to kill off the bacteria. (not that I had ever been sick in the 20+ years drinking it).. then I went to other brands of bottled/canned teas like Brisk and Nestea.

Well, my husband bought a couple of bottles of this Lipton tea and brought them home and I have to say I think I enjoy them the most. A lot of bottled/canned/jugged teas taste artificial. While they may be good and refreshing, they just have a very fake taste to them. This Lipton tea tastes the most like ACTUAL, REAL tea that you`d brew yourself. It has that slight bitter under taste to it... It just tastes homemade. Clearly, it isn`t.. but I appreciate the taste of it.

My husband likes the lemon one the most. I do really like it, too, but I think I prefer the regular sweetened one.

With the weather being warmer, I find myself drinking more tea than I do any other time of year. I have a feeling this one will be a staple in our household during the summer months. Nothing like enjoying a big glass of iced tea on hot days!


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