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LUUUXers!!! Hi. So I have some makeup showings this coming weekend for Herr Solutions and I haven`t had the chance to play with HS` products in a while so I decided to for tonight! Let me know if you guys want more infos on HS` products (including these lipsticks and it`s shades). I`ll def be posting more infos about HS and their products later!

Anyways, I had so much fun slapping these on but when it came to taking them was pain! Literally! By the time I got done with the last look for the lipstick, my lips were stained in all different shades! LOL! It was funny.

*Updated* (I should explain why my lips were stained. Because I tried on ALL nine VERY DIFFERENT shades (one right after another) and constantly wiping them off then applying another one on again, my lips were bound to get stain when I finished --- same goes for any time you try on a lipstick and didn`t want that shade so you tried on another one, etc. Just wanted to make that clear because a fellow LUUUXers has brought it up. Thank you! :D).

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