Lipstick moldfungus - Mac Viva Glam V

I`d say about a year ago, I bought the Viva Glam V lipstick & lipglass at Mac. I thought it was a beautiful shade and you know, proceeds go to AIDS research so it was a great purchase. I keep my lipsticks in a plastic drawer, in my linen closet, away from heat & moisture. I hardly ever walk out of the house with a lipstick in my purse, it`s just not my thing I guess. so, I tried to google "lipstick mold/fungus) and there are next to no pictures, I think I found like 2 maybe but they were close enough to what`s going on to my lipstick, so, I thought I`d add this post in case anyone out there was wondering about this lipstick "condition".

so basically, the first stages of lipstick mold are : the bullet turns white and you can see little "hairs" sprouting out of it. I can not begin to tell you how freaking gross this is to me right now. seems like the most moisturizing a lipstick is, the higher the water content therefore they`re the prime candidates for bacteria. I have other Mac lipsticks that I`ve owned just as long as this one but they are ok.

the next stage of lipstick mold/fungus is the bullet/lipstick turning red/orange, as in spots. after it turns red it turns black. omg so gross !!! I am actually considering saving this lipstick just for the sake of experimentation and an awesome blog post lol

the shelf life of a lipstick is 2 yrs. this was way under that so I`m not sure what happened to it. check your lipstick ladies, you don`t want fungus on your lips !!!!

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