Lipstick Fix: How I Created a Custom Colour from Lipsticks in my Drawer!

4 years ago

If your a makeup junkie, your bound to have some lipsticks in your drawer that were just a bad purchase, or no longer a colour you like. When I first got into lipsticks, I bought 5-6 from rimmel. They were affordable, looked great as swatches on my hand, and that was about the extent of my standards, lol. Since getting into makeup I`ve discovered so many great brands and come to find that three of the 6 colours I had bought were pretty crap.

There`s the pink, which is very frosty and makes me look kinda trashy, theres the nude that makes me look dead, and there`s the coral that applies patchy and has too much glitter. But I`m not one to throw away product (I pride myself on finishing them actually), so they`ve just been sitting there, lol. As you can see from the coral and nude, I have tried to wear them different ways on various occasions (much to my own disappointment). I recently discovered that there`s a technique you can use to custom make your own lipsticks that could fix my problem! I by no means invented this technique, I`m just sharing what I personally used it for (not to customize colours, but to make a good one out of ones I didnt like).

I included the steps I used in the pictures above, because I personally prefer visuals to long paragraphs, lol. Unfortunately I couldnt capture the shot of me burning the lipstick to a liquid in my spoon (because I have two hands and couldnt both hold a lighter and spoon as well as a camera). You basically just have to light it under the spoon and it all melts within 10-15 seconds. Then you immediately pour it into a jar of some sort and voila!

I now have an amazing colour which actually suits me! They each added what I originally saw in them: the finish of the nude, the vivacity of the coral, the blush tone of the pink, to make a great my lips but better colour! I`m so happy I did this and I actually will use the product now :). I would recommend giving this a shot with colours you struggle to use in your collection :).

<em>Will you try this?</em>

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