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4 years ago

Hello Luuuxers,

I`m going to state this before I even start blogging: I don`t mean to offend anyone what so ever. This is just my opinion based on my own knowledge, experience, and beliefs.

It`s quite often that I see a commercial about Lipozene. The company has people claiming this product reduces fat and helps you lose weight, and the results are "guaranteed". I call b.s. Their actors also state that they "could eat anything they wanted and not watch their portions" and they "didn`t have to do much, if anything" to get their desired results.

Come on now.. Really? Weight loss takes A LOT of effort, watching your portions, eating healthy, being active, and lastly, taking good care of yourself. You won`t lose weight the healthy way by taking some pill that claims to get you into those size 4 jeans. The obesity epidemic in this country (the U.S.) and some of Europe, is out of hand. People need to get back to basics and know what they are consuming, where their food comes from, what the nutritional value of their food is, and what the proper caloric intakes are for their size, activity level and for males and females. It isn`t hard, but it definitely is smart.

I completely understand that there are people with health conditions. I am not saying anything about that and I am not trying to make people feel badly about themselves. Your health should be your FIRST priority. You should want to live a long, happy and healthy life with your family. So educate yourselves. Industrialized farms are mass producing crops using pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and rodenticides. All of which have the great potential of poisioning us. Scientists are using genetic engineering to alter the genes of crops. They use animal and other plant dna to achieve the insect repellent, growth rate, and survival rates of each crop. Through technology, mankind is literally killing itself.

We don`t need to live forever, but we do need to live healthy. It`s as simple as eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, reducing your sugar, salt, carbohydrate, and animal fat intake. You will be amazed at how great you feel! I will add another blog regarding some materials you should watch to educate yourselves. Here are some movies you should watch in the mean time, if you have netflix, watch "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead", "Tapped", "Save the Farm", "Food Matters", "Food Inc" (beware, if you are sensitive towards the welfare and treatment of animals, you may not be able to make it through this movie.), and "Lbs". They are all great movies with a ton of information.

My point of this whole blog is to turn individuals on to a life of being healthy. You shouldn`t just want to live, but to live well! :)

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