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4 years ago

Hey Guys! So I have always loved lip glosses and lip colors to jazz up my lips and give them color. I was at Bath and Body Works and found their Liplicious Tasty Lip Color lip glosses and decided to try them out. I don`t really remember their price but my gut tells me they were for about $7 -$10, but I may be mistaken.
First off, I really like the colors they had. They had lip gloss colors to match their scents which was very unique and different and offered lots of colors from dark purples to baby pinks. They also had other colors which were more summer-y like oranges and reds and bright pinks. That was one thing that I liked right of the bat with this product - their color range.
The lip gloss is in a squeeze tube so you just squeeze and it has a little hole from which it comes out. You can control the amount of gloss that comes out pretty well but sometimes with the slightest touch so much can come out so do be aware of that.
One thing that I really did NOT like was how heavily scented they were. The lip glosses for their scents were scented but not like the perfumes. The two lip glosses I have are sickening sweet in scent and taste and actually made me a bit sick to the stomach and gave me a headache. That in itself turned me off and made me avoid it because I was too sick with it. Though if you can tolerate strong scents, this might work for you but it didn`t for me.
Lastly, and the biggest of all, is the stickyness. This lip gloss is so sticky that smacking your lips together was hard because it would leave goops of gloss transferring to the bottom and top lip. I remember I wore this to an outdoor mall and the slightest of wind made my hair stick to this and then leave it sticky and stiff. That was the biggest turn off for me and even though it is so sticky it would leave my lips pretty fast because it would stick to everything else!
I hope you found this helpful in deciding if you would like to buy this lip gloss or not.

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